From Fr.Michael Eivers

From Fr.Michael Eivers


On Dec 11, 2016, at 12:32 PM, Msgr. Father Michael Eivers  wrote:
Dear Family in Christ,

I’m sure that you have already noticed that Christmas is in the air. Stores are already preparing “Jingle Bells’ and “Santa Claus is coming to town”. All indeed apart of The Christmas Tradition, but not the essence of this Holy Season. The Four Weeks of Advent are that very special time when our priority must be a very special spiritual coming of Jesus into our hearts and lives. I would hope that oart of you Advent plan is a Serious Soul-Searching reception of the Sacrament of Penance, so that you may be cleaned and ready for the special coming of Jesus.

This time of Advent is a special opportunity for us to prepare for His special coming this year. I suggest also that you plan some extra prayer time in Eucharistic Adoration in your parish chapel this year. What a beautiful Christmas gift that would be to Jesus. With regards to your planning your Christmas gift list, may i offer you a suggestion. Why not include in your list this year some inspiring spiritual books, your Christmas gift to family members children and friends. If you move quickly, to study a catalog, place your order, you are still in time for Christmas delivery. If you are considering a special gift to Priests or Deacons I offer you my suggestions with this email and as that you place your order through your parish bookstore immediately.

May you have a blessed reflective Advent, as you prepare for The Grace of Christmas this year.

Suggested Christmas Gifts for Family and Friends.

Born of The Eucharist (a spiritual for priests) by Stephen Rossetti, Ave Maris Press $15.95
Earth Crammed with Heaven (a spiritual of everyday life) By Elizabeth A. Dreyer Pawlist Press $14.95
I Have Called You By Name: Story of Saints And Christian Heroes By Patricia Mitchell
The Word among us: The Remarkable Women Of The Bible by Elizabeth George, Harvest Books
The Mass : Your One Stop Guide To The Mass By Dale Fucheis and Bill Dodds
As your Friends read and Meditate on these Christmas gift to them just imagine the Spiritual Exchanges that will take place when you meet or communicate, I would be delighted to hear your response.

-Fr. Michael
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