Deacon Fred Advent 2 2015

Deacon Fred Advent 2 2015

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  1. Polaco - December 21, 2015 2:40 pm

    I love comments: Discussion alayws clarifies and sharpens my thinking.I’m not sure I would describe the history of the church quite as strongly as an accumulation of errors : Yes, clarity and doctrine have been lost, but I agree that we have gained a rich legacy from more recent believers and writers (As a literature scholar and teacher, I would be lost without Milton and Eliot.) Nor am I completely comfortable with the label primitivist . Much as I am looking forward to reading about our faith in its original context, I do not feel that the modern church should follow some practices for no other reason than that the early church held them (I am sure that you did not mean this, but it is an argument I hear quite often where I am from, and so I wanted to clarify.) Among other things, I do like navigating a Bible with chapters!That said, I still believe that essential truths and practices in the Christian church are often obscured by the time periods in which we live. To give a third example, certain groups of Americans have made their faith a deeply political affair. While they are certainly not the first believers ever to do so (witness Dante himself), the politicized version of the faith is sometimes far different from what Christianity should be like. American believers sometimes think that they can change the world for Christ by changing American cultures and laws (I know this, because I was once just such an American.) Important as political action is, I later learned that such action is only tangential to our faith and added by our culture; doing justly and loving mercy is at the heart of it. I am deeply grateful for the heritage of Christian saints throughout the ages, as well as the refinements and improvements made in the church. But I am also, as I stated, eager to step out of the cultural confusion for a moment and see my faith more clearly.


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