Who is That King Who Reigns On the Throne of Your Life?

Who is That King Who Reigns On the Throne of Your Life?

Who is That King Who Reigns On the Throne of Your Life?

Dear Family in Christ,

We celebrate the Feast of Christ the King on this coming Sunday November 22nd, the last Sunday of the Church year. In the Gospel this mass we are presented with the scene of the crucifixion of Jesus, Luke 23:35-43. Some bystanders are mocking Jesus as he hangs upon the cross: “If you are the King of Jews, save yourself.” Can On display at the top of the cross the sign: “This is the King of the Jews.” Crucified alongside him are two thieves. This is how our world treated its savior who came to save us, our Lord and King. Not only did he give his life for us, but in the plan of his father, was destined to indwell our hearts as our Lord and King.

St. Teresa of Auila in her masterpiece, “The interior of the castle”, gave us a beautiful image of our souls as a mansion with many rooms, a throne room as the center where the King resides and reigns. St. Teresa tells us that we can take a spiritual journey inwards to discover him there, to worship and proclaim him as King of our lives.

Enthroning King Jesus as the center of our lives is something we need do do again and again because there are other kings who demand to rule our lives, the principal one being King ego who can make us self-centered egocentric people. Who live immersed worshipping the things of this world.

What evidence is there that Jesus is King of our lives and not king ego? The way in which we live our lives is the answer. If Jesus is our King, surely that will be revealed by our prayer life, our adoration, and thanksgiving for the one who dwells within us, so close to us. The best opportunity for all of us is to recommit ourselves to Jesus, our King, is when we participate in Eucharist where we meet him in a most intimate way. We express our loyalty to King Jesus also in sharing our faith and our worldly goods especially with the poor. Pope Francis recently told us that what our attitude should be: “Be a prophet, or prophetess, and make waves, make noise, take risks. Share your faith with everyone.” If we do all of that we are certainly giving evidence as to who is King of our lives.

The danger for us all in living our Christian lives is that we do so in a very superficial way far from reality. Jesus himself warned some people in the Gospel: “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” Jesus wants to be King of our hearts, not just King of our lips. As the Poet T.S. Elliot once wrote “He is satisfied with nothing short of everything,” or as St. Edith stein once expressed that same thought. “If you declare for Christ, it will cost your life.”

On the Feast of Christ, the King, let’s all recommit ourselves to the King of our lives. Espically at that precious moment when we are so close to him as we receive him into our hearts at Holy Communion. Let it be for us a heart to heart encounter.

-Father Michael